(formerly Fukiya International Villa)

We are pleased to announce that the former Fukiya International Village has reopened as ELEVEN VILLAGE, a privately operated guest house. If you visited the villa in its former days, welcome back! And if you haven’t been here before, we invite you to visit and enjoy both the villa and the beautiful mountain community of Fukiya. 

- time to Experience a new lifestyle -

Stay at Guest House ELEVEN VILLAGE Fukiya in Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, and experience a new lifestyle that combines good old things with new ones.


A village where good old things still remain

"Fukiya Furusato Village", an important traditional building preservation area that still has good old things that still appears at the top of the mountain at an altitude of 550m


Slow time is flowing in nature.You can feel the warm connection between people who are losing, and you can see the full starry sky on a clear day, very quiet in the morning and evening.


The guest house elevenvillage Fukiya is in the cityscape.

A refurbished guesthouse that raised funds through crowdfunding and worked together with locals and migrants.

* An old international exchange villa inspired by an old soy sauce brewery (designed by architect Kazuhiro Ishii)


Here you can also experience the bengala dyeing that has been handed down since ancient times.

In addition to Takahashi City,

Bicchu Matsuyama Castle is a heavenly mountain castle

with a tower at the highest point in Japan.


There are also sightseeing spots

such as the "Ishihibiya Furusato Village",

where the stately gated samurai residences line up over 250M.


Experience a lifestyle surrounded by handmade items that is friendly to the global environment and the body

You can experience an organic lifestyle

surrounded by handmade items

that is friendly to the global environment and your body.


Linens such as sheets,

toiletries such as bath towels and towels,

shampoos, rinses and soaps, toothpaste,

seasonings for self-cooking ,

beer, coffee, etc. are all organic.


Dishwashing detergent,

laundry detergent,

floor wax,

mosquito repellent incense etc.

are also used in consideration of the global environment and the body.


You can eat healthy, organic rice,

mainly seasonal vegetables

produced by local production and local consumption,

do seasonal handicrafts,

and practice hill climbs in the wilderness.


It's like a big family experience

Guest House ELEVEN VILLAGE Fukiya is a facility where the guest house is shared and everyone stays while interacting with each other.


Here, you can leave the status, title, position, age, etc. a little, and the guests can connect with each other and deepen exchanges as a large family.


It is a common sight that another guest is holding a baby of a guest, or another guest is playing with a small child.


After check-in, everyone introduced themselves. A large round table in the common space. Time to interact with guests. Sofa on the terrace. Time to relax and talk. I want you to take care of this moment now, and I'm trying to get rid of WIFI.


Recycling-type guest house that is kind to nature and people

Electricity made with natural energy.

* Electricity made at the nuclear power plant is not included.

In the winter, We are warming with a wood stove.

We are making wood by splitting trees from local people.


We are also actively sorting and recycling garbage,

and turning raw garbage into homemade compost.


We are particular about toilet paper,

using 100% used paper, unbleached and earth-friendly.

We reuse bath water

and use it for washing sheets and bath towels.

- Introduction video -

Introduction video of Takahashi-City Okayama Prefecture Sightseeing & Guesthouse Fukiya

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- elevenvillage -

- sightseeing -

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- ROOMs -

Relaxing rooms for parenting familiesat Guesthouse fukiya in Takahashi-City Okayama Prefecture

TWIN Beb Room

-Maximun 2 persons

-The wardrobe

-Dressing table

-Organic sheets

-麻Hemp 100% carpet


Japanese Style Private Room

-Available for 2 people

-Clothes rack

-Dressing table

-Organic sheets


About check-in and check-out


Around 17:00 (Winter December-March 16:00)

* If you arrive at Fukiya before check-in,

Luggage storage & parking available until check-in time.

* Check-in after 17:00 (16:00 in winter) is possible.

* If you wish to check in after 19:00, please contact us in advance.


We recommend check-in until 19:00.

This is because Fukiya Furusato Village,

where the guest house is located,

is located at the top of a mountain at an altitude of 550m,

with few streetlights and narrow roads along the way.


After check-in,

all guests will be introduced to a brief self-introduction

and guest house guide.



Until 9:00 (Winter December to March 10:00)

* Fukiya Furusato Village facilities are open from 9am.

(From 10:00 in December to March in winter)


Services and shared facilities that are happy for families who are particular about organic

A fireplace in the spacious shared living room!

The communal kitchen is fully equipped

with pots for easy cooking.


Seasonings and amenities are also organic products

Writers' tableware using Bengala


A large bath where the whole family can take a bath

100% organic cotton bath towels and linens

that are friendly to the environment and the body

Free Wifi、共有PC オーガニックのバスタオル/Organic bath towel、オーガニックのシャンプー&リンス、石鹸 /Organic shampoo & rinse, soap、ドライヤー/Hair Dryer、洗濯機/Landry、ハンガー/Clothes hangers、アイロンとアイロン台/iron and ironing board、駐車場/Parking、レンタサイクル/Bicycle rental、共有キッチン/Shared kitchen、トースター/Toaster ove




Map around Fukiya, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture

ACCOMMODATION for guesthouse in Takahashi-city, Okayama-Prefecture

( prices include tax ) 

No. of


Staying 1 night Staying 2 nights Staying 3 or more nights
1 person ¥10.000 / night ¥9.000 / night ¥8.000 / night
2 person ¥18.0000 / night ¥17.000 / night ¥16.000 / night


There is no charge for children 7 years of age or younger

if they sleep in their parent’s bed or on a futon alongside.

Other charges for children’s accommodation are as follows: 


Elementary school age  ¥2,000

Junior high school age  ¥2,500

High school age           ¥3,000


(Please note that the rooms are provided on a guest house basis,

so if you are traveling solo, another person (of the same sex) may be assigned to your room

if the villa is crowded.

If you would prefer to have the room all to yourself,

the charge for solo occupancy is ¥1,500 extra (subject to availability). 


It is also possible to reserve the entire ELEVEN VILLAGE guest house.

For more information, please ask the proprietors

¥(Mr. and Mrs. Tagawa). 

RESERVATIONS for Guesthouse in Takahashi-city, Okayama-Prefecture

To reserve a room with or without meals:


- To reserve by email, please send an email (using simple English) to:


- To reserve by telephone (please speak Japanese if possible), call:


(We’re still working on our English speaking ability, but we will do our best.) 

- To reserve by reservation form

reservation form

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Guesthouse CANCELLATION POLICY in Takahashi-city, Okayama-Prefecture

Always call to cancel; do not send an email.

There will be no charge if cancellation is made more than 3 days in advance.

Cancellation charges are as follows: 

  3 days before  20% of charges

  2 days before 30% of charges

  1 day before  50% of charges

  Same day   100% of charges